23 April 2010

Plan C: It's here!

I had a visit from the Brown Santa yesterday, and my new (to me) frame is now in my posession.

A Specialized Allez Pro frame. Material: aluminum  Year: unknown.  1" Chris King NoThreadSet headset (alone worth the price I paid), and a steel Ritchey fork (which will probably be swapped for a carbon fork before too long).

There is just one possible problem, that you may be able to discern from the pictures...

IT'S PINK!!!!!

I don't know if I am man enough to pull off a pink bike, or if I should paint it.  If I paint it, it will probably be a "rattlecan special" as I don't have the budget to get it professionally painted or powdercoated.

**I just want to make a comment here.  As you know with eBay, you jump on a sale, or you'll miss it.  This frame was the right size, and it had the Chris King noThreadset headset.  Color didn't have anything to do with my decision to purchase said frame.  

So, now I have my wheels

And my frame. 

But wait!

Some of you may notice that this frame has vertical dropouts.  And, you may remember that Plan C was going to be a fixed gear conversion.  "Isn't that another problem?  Isn't it more difficult to make a fixed gear bicycle out of a bike with vertical dropouts since you have no way to tension the chain?" I can hear you say...

Yes, it is.  And no, it isn't a problem.  You see, my current bike, the Koga-Miyata that I have been riding for the past 4 years has horizontal dropouts - perfect for a fixed-gear conversion.

So, Plan C is going to be my new road bike build and my Koga-Miyata will be reborn as my fixed-gear.

Here is the part where I ask for your help.  Please answer my simple poll below, comment, or do both letting me know what you think.  Should I keep it pink, or change the color? 

I leave Plan C's fate in your hands.


Bryan said...

I'm never one to shy away from a pink dress shirt or tie but I think a line must be drawn when considering placing something pink between the yams. Paint it.

Jamie said...

Ugh. That is a tough call man.

After some careful deliberation, I have to vote for "rocking the pink as-is."

Just make sure you suit her up with some sick components so that no one can argue that it is a sissy bike. Otherwise it will have all been a waste.

Anonymous said...

In Italy, pink is the color of champions. I say, leave it pink! Set it up with all Campi components and just watch that baby go uphill!

Dr. Ray Niekamp said...

Are you man enough to wear pink?

Jake Spurlock said...

Keep it pink!

Add a bunch of black components though...