04 June 2010

Food Friday - Primal Strips

Food is one of those things that we associate memories and feelings with. In fact, it is one of the more powerful memory triggers. A smell, or taste of a particular food can open up a floodgate of memories.

When I was a kid, my parents and I would make frequent trips from our house in Salt Lake City up to Pocatello, ID to visit my grandparents. Now, this was back before I-15 was completed, so to get from point A to point B, you would travel on I-15 until you got to Tremonton, then take the rural highway until just this side of the UT/ID border, where the road would connect back up to the freeway.

Somewhere along that stretch of rural highway, there was a small town called Plymouth. In that town, there was a small service station (remember those?) called Lamb's Service. Every time we went to Idaho, I would make my parents stop there and buy me a beef stick and a chocolate milk. I considered that the best treat ever! I wouldn't get candy or soda, it was always a beef stick and a chocolate milk. I don't remember why we stopped there that first time. Probably because I had to pee (micro-bladder), and after that, it just became a regular part of the trip.

Since that time, the freeway has been completed, and completely bypasses Plymouth, and Lamb's Service. I would be surprised if it survived very long after that. I still think about those times as we drive past that area.

Okay, that was a nice little trip down memory lane. And you are probably wondering why I took you on that trip today.

We took that little trip because of the product that I am reviewing today - Primal Strips.

Primal Strips make meatless jerky strips that are vegan, high energy, high protein, low fat, cholesterol free, non GMO and really, really tasty. They are available in 6 flavors: Thai Peanut, Mesquite Lime, Teriyaki, Hot & Spicy, Hickory Smoked and Texas BBQ.

I found these in my local health foods store and thought I would give them a try. The first thing I noticed was the texture. They aren't as tough and chewy as beef jerky, but the texture is startlingly spot-on, almost to the point that I had to look at the package to make sure that I didn't read it wrong, and I was eating real beef jerky. Like I said before, they are really tasty. The flavors are distinct, but not overpowering. If you didn't look at the package, it would be hard to tell if you were eating a Primal Strip, or jerky.

Since this is a cycling-related blog, I probably should tie this review to cycling. Out on the bicycle, it's not uncommon to be surrounded by sweet foods. From the hydration drinks, to the gels, and the majority of the foods at the rest stop if you are on a supported ride. After so many hours, you get downright sick of all the sweetness, and crave something salty and savory. Each Primal Strip has at least 6g of protein and 7g of carbs, plus around 300mg of sodium to replace what you've been sweating out - perfect for a late-in-the-ride snack!

There are a couple of drawbacks to Primal Strips if you are eating them on the bike, some of the flavors are a little oily, and the packaging can be difficult to open while riding. But they are perfect to eat during a rest stop.

I've found them at several of my local health foods stores for around $1.10 to $1.30. I love them! Go try some for yourself! More information can be found at http://www.primalspiritfoods.com/

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Mom said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!! Good post. Makes me want to try the strips, even though I'm not vegetarian.