30 June 2010

Is there something going on in France in July?

You may have heard about this little race that takes place over in Europe that is starting up in a couple of days. It occasionally makes the newspapers, and apparently has gathered somewhat of a following over the few years that it has ran.

Unfortunately you won't read too much about it here on this blog for a few reasons.

  • Versus network isn't part of my satellite programming package, so I can't watch it at home.
  • I'm pretty sure that my employeer would frown on me watching it at work on the companys dime - instead of being productive.
  • there are many other people who will be watching it and who will do a much better job of covering it than I can.
So, to satisfy your Tour de France coverage I would like to make the following suggestions:
There are undoubtedly a plethora of blogs, podcasts, and live tour trackers that you can choose from. These are the ones that I am going to follow - as I can. If there is a big story, such as someone actually finding a "motorized" bike, or the majority of the peleton being carted off to jail in handcuffs for doping you can be sure I'll post something about that. Until that happens (let's hope not), enjoy the race and allez!

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