01 July 2010

What is it with small towns and bicycles?

Small town ignorance and stupidity rears it's ugly head again.

You may recall the story about Black Hawk, CO that decided in the interests of "cyclist safety" to ban bicycles from almost all of the streeets in their bustling town of 118 Casinos and 17 people, or do I have that backwards?

This time it's Bartonville, TX, pop 1093. Bartonville, it seems, doesn't like crowds - or at least crowds of cyclists. They enacted a law on June 15th that makes is against the law to cycle/run/walk in groups larger than 10 without first applying 45 days in advance for a permit, and paying a $50 fee.

City officials say they’re just trying to make their town safe for drivers and cyclists.

Um, yeah. Whatever. I'll bet you can guess what local cyclists think of this new law.

Read the full story here.

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