02 July 2010

Food Friday - Primal Strips update

Back on June 4th, I posted about Primal Strips vegan jerky

Well, I have an update to add to that post.  I purchased some Primal Strips before going up to ride the Bike MS ride this past weekend (Terriaki and Thai Peanut - the only flavors available from my local Whole Foods).  I took two with me each day so I could get an actual "on the bike" opinion.

I still love them!  The packaging wasn't as difficult to open while riding as I thought it would be (granted, you will need to be fairly adept at riding with no hands to accomplish this)  The stickyness on your fingers also wasn't as bad as I would have guessed, and nowhere as bad as getting some GU or Clif Shot on your fingers. The texture and salty flavor was a welcome change from the sweet Shot Bloks, Powerade and Sport Beans that I had eaten earlier in the ride. 

On the 2nd day, I even used one to make a sandwich at the lunch stop.  I ditched the turkey and cheese out of the sub they offered me, and added a Primal Strip along with some lettuce and tomatoes.  Dang tasty!

Primal Strips can still be found at various locations (in my area) such as Whole Foods and Good Earth (Good Earth has a better selection).  More information can be found at http://www.primalspiritfoods.com/.

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