14 July 2010

Product review: Feedback Sports Digital Scale

This is something that I received from a contest. 

How many of us have tried to weigh our bicycles by either by balancing it on the bathroom scale, or by weighing yourself, and then weighing yourself holding the bicycle. 

The Alpine Digital Scale from Feedback Sports will definitely help.

The Alpine Digital Scale was designed to weigh bicycles, wheels, and other sports equipment.  It is designed to either be hung from a hook, or mounted in a repair stand.

The scale will display the weight in either kilograms, pounds, or ounces.  It also has a zero/tare button so you can add something like a bag, or bucket to weigh small parts

I don't have a workstand (but I would be willing to review one...), so I hung my scale from a hook in the ceiling.  With three buttons, it's easy to use: turn it on, wait until it zeroes out, and then hang whatever you need to weigh from the hook.

Yeah, I'm going to blame my lack of speed on my bike's weight.

one of the wheels from my ongoing fixed gear bicycle project...

It's also good for weighing other things...

It's important to know how much your bagel weighs, trust me.

The Alpine Digital Scale is a handy tool to have.  It's small enough to throw in your toolbox and take with you, and it will weigh almost everything you need to know the weight of.  It does have a 55 pound limit, so it won't be able to weigh the bike you purchased at Wal*Mart (kidding). 

More information, and locations that you can get the scale from can be found at http://www.feedbacksports.com/

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