14 July 2010

Two contests to help fight Cancer

My oldest brother passed away last July after a short, intense fight with renal cancer.

I'm not bringing this up to memorialize him, but to say that cancer sucks, and all of us can say that our lives have been touched in one way or another by this horrible, nasty disease.

A friend of mine is doing something cool to help raise money for the LIVESTRONG foundation - in fact he's doing two somethings.

He has committed to riding the 100 mile route at the LIVESTRONG challenge in Philadelphia, and has two contests up to help raise money towards his goal.

He is giving away an original 12x24 painting (his own work), or a 2008 US Road Champion jersey autographed by Levi Leipheimer.

Just a sample of his work. If you win the contest, he will create an original piece of art for you.

the real jersey will not be this blurry.

For each bid of $5, you get one entry to whichever contest you choose. Both prizes are truly unique.

Go to his sites http://www.thelamesauce.com/, and http://www.districtcycling.com/ for more information and to donate. (you can't miss the donate button)

Share some love, and help a good friend fight cancer. The Donation/Giveaway ends on August 18, 2010

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