27 July 2010

Tuesday randomness.

Kind of a hodge-podge of stuff today.

Yesterday I had my first commute in the rain. It wasn't too bad, except for the fact that since I don't have fenders on my bike, I walked into the house completely drenched. At least it wasn't a cold rain.

Saturday is the Spudman Triathlon. I'm both completely excited and very nervous. I've never done an open-water swim, and the only time I have ever put on a wetsuit was when I went to rent one from PowerTri for the event. I've also never ran a 10k before in a race setting. I did run 10k last October, but I was by myself, and wasn't too concerned about the time.

Speaking of time, my goal for this triathlon is to finish in the top 99% of my age group.

The weather forecast for Burley, ID for this Saturday. Yes! A perfect day to race.

Here's a list of things I need to do before Friday, and Spudman.

  • clean, adjust, air, and lube the bike.
  • wash the tri kit.
  • shave the legs
  • pick up the wetsuit rental from PowerTri. (delegate the wife to do that one)
  • pack everything I'll need for the Spudman
  • double-check everything I'll need for Spudman
  • pack a suit (I have my niece's wedding reception Saturday evening. It's going to be a busy weekend)
  • help the family pack.
  • check again to make sure that I have everything for Spudman
  • find my friend who is also racing (and is in my age group coincidentally) once I get up to Burley.
I did mention that my niece is also getting married on Saturday.  Fortunately they live in Burley, so my family will be able to both watch me fail to complete my first olympic-distance triathlon, and go to the reception that evening.

Completely off topic, but I had an email at work this morning. It said


We are sorry to let you know that 'blank' passed away the afternoon of July 26th. We do not have details for the arrangements but will share these when they become available.

We will miss 'blank' – she was a giving, dedicated, loyal person who built many warm friendships during her 45+ with us.

name withheld.
'blank' is my boss' name. I was wondering if I missed something yesterday. I was in the process of asking another of my co-workers when 'blank' walked in. It turns out that there is (was) another person with the same name in the company in another state who apparently just passed on. My work group was emailed accidentally. Slight confusion for just a moment.

Have a great Tuesday!

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Yokota Fritz said...

That would be kind of freaky. "Hey, did you hear Sue died? Oh, Sue -- hello! We were just talking about you!"