26 July 2010

What have I done.

I am a cyclist.  If anyone asks me what sport I most identify with, I say cycling. 

Then how do you explain what I just did. 

I have always said that I dislike running.  No, I would say that I hate running.  So, why did I just register for the Dirty Dash

The Dirty Dash is a run.  More than that, it's a 10k run.  A 10k run through mud and obstacles.  I honestly don't know what I was thinking. 

Runners struggle through the mud finish during a media preview for The Dirty Dash, a muddy, cross-country race around Soldier Hollow. (Jason Olson, Deseret News) Deseret News Articles are here and here.

I have to say that playing in mud does appeal to the inner child in me. 

I am actually excited about this run.  And, I've noticed that the more I run in training for my triathlons, the more I am enjoying running.

I'm still a cyclist, but do like to run.


Gregg said...


John said...

You will not regret this...you may not come out of the race as a lover of running...but you will be a lover of The Dirty Dash!

Thanks for helping us get the word out!


JC said...

That looks like fun! Down here in Jawja, we have the red neck olympics complete with the bell flop as an aquatic event.