20 July 2010

We are traffic too! - another commuting story

I had an interesting experience on the commute home last night.

I was actually riding to my mom's house where I was going to meet my family and go out to Macaroni Grill for my wife's birthday dinner. I was riding on the side of the road - like a good cyclist, and was approaching a red light. A car pulled up right next to me, put on her blinker to turn right, then proceeded to be frustrated at me because I did not immediately move out of her way and let her get into the turning lane. She had several words for me, which I was completely unable to hear or comprehend because I do not read lips, and she did not roll down her passenger side window before trying to tell me how I was in her way and how dare I impede her travel on my lowly bike while she was in a far superior car. (I'm guessing at her rambling, because as I mentioned, I couldn't hear her.)

I calmly explained (without the use of fingers or expletives, mind you), my position. I'm sure my side of the debate fell on equally deaf ears - again because of the glass between us.

People in cars, we are traffic too! Just like you wouldn't expect another car to get up on the sidewalk and give you unimpeded right of way (unless you have a siren and flashing lights) please don't expect the same from us cyclists. What would have she done if I would have been in a car? She would have waited until I was past her, and then moved over into the turn lane. Why did she think it was okay to expect me to yield? Because I am smaller?

She ended up driving straight down to the next intersection to make her right turn, gesturing and uttering more insults against me, my linage, and all cyclists in general (again, guessing) as she drove past me. I waved and told her to have a nice day.

If she would have just treated me like any other user of the road, instead of an annoyance or someone who didn't belong in her way, she would have been on her merry with only a few seconds of inconvenience.

Please be considerate of us when we are out on the roads. We are slower, and smaller, but if you are patient, we will be out of your way in a few seconds.

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Mom said...

Well said. Some people are just impatient regardless of who is in their way; because they are all important and they OWN the road, don't you know?