09 August 2010

Outdoor Retailer - Celebrities and Bikes

Aside from thousands of companies showing their latest products, another thing you see at Outdoor Retailer is the occasional celebrity sighting...

Glen Plake - freestyle skiier, and wearer of mowhawks.  He was at the Julbo booth signing autographs.

Jordan Romero - at 13 years old, the youngest person to summit Mt. Everest.  He and his family have climbed 6 of the "7 summits".  Antarctica is planned for this winter.

Companies will occasionally bring their sponsored athletes to the show for an autograph session and a little visibility.

Another thing you see at the show, especially the Summer Market show is bicycles.  from booth decoration to "mannequin" duty showing how the companies' products attach, bicycles are everywhere.  I talked about the "Park and Pedal" program on Friday's post.  also outside was the Salt Lake Bike Collective who were once again doing their valet bike service for attendees who rode their bikes to the show. 

Here are a couple of the more unique bikes I saw at the show this year...

Yes, I did show this bike outside in the bike valet service in a previous post, but I now have more information on it.  It belongs to, and was built by the president of Prana.  It is his "Burning Man" bike.  This shot you can see some of the more deluxe features of it, such as the rack and pinion steering, adjustable seat (courtesy of a repurposed car jack), movable armrests with cup holders, and solar powered lighting and fan system.

The tire size on this bike at the Keen booth is 26 x 4.0, yes 4.0 as in four inches.

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