10 August 2010

Outdoor Retailer - Yellowman YMX

One of the things that I enjoy at Outdoor Retailer is finding those small booths that are tucked down a back aisle behind some of the bigger booths.  The ones that don't get all of the traffic.  Sometimes you can find some hidden gems in those small booths. 

Yellowman is one of those gems.  Yellowman is a clothing company that makes active clothing for both men and women.  They make cycling jerseys, base layers, yoga pants and tops, and Hawaiian shirts.  The unique thing about their line, is that all of the designs are based on authentic tattoo art that founder Peter Mui has collected from around the world. 

Instead of me talking about it, lets let them do the talking.  I took along my Flip video camera to try capturing some product interviews. This is my first attempt. 

I have to say that I like the jersey she shows with the koi on the back.  I also really like their Hawaiian shirts, and their line of base layers are really cool looking too.  For more information, go to http://www.yellowman.com/

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