12 August 2010

Product review update: Xtreme Sports ID

Well, it's been just over a year since I was first introduced to the Xtreme Sports ID band, and I still haven't had a chance to review it in a real-life situation, which I and my family are really, really grateful.

As I mentioned last year, the renewal fee is only $5.  Renewing it couldn't be easier.  They send you a reminder email about 30 days before your coverage is to expire, a  link on the email sends you to the renewal page where you can select which bands (you can have multiple bands under one account - one for each member of the family) need to be renewed, and then pay online.

The only complaint that I have on my band is that there were air bubbles in the band  and the bubbles ripped through the upper layer of the band.

It only is on the top, and doesn't seem to compromise the integrity of the band.  I believe that it was from the mixing of the two colors on the band, and I don't think that one of the solid-colored bands would have had this problem. I have contacted Xtreme sports ID about it, and am waiting their response. 
Update:  I recieved an email from Xtreme Sports ID.  They are sending me a new band. This is not a problem that they have heard about before.
I still wear the band every day, and don't plan on taking it off anytime in the near, or distant future.  It's nice to have that small "security blanket" there in case something does happen to me.

I hope I never get the chance to review this product.

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Mom said...

That is definitely my hope as well.