12 August 2010

A velodrome abandoned in time.

One of my friends on Twitter sent me a link about this story.  A group of volunteers in Detroit, MI called the Mower Gang spent the day recently clearing decades of weeds and trees off of the Dorais velodrome.

I found one quote from the article and the video interesting,
"It's really not about getting some 45-year-old guy a better place to ride his bike," said Nardone, reflecting on the Mower Gang's mission.
"It's more about getting 10-, 12-, 13-year-old kids a better place to spend an afternoon."
I know that the guys with the Mower Gang are only out there to reclaim and maintain public land in the Detroit area, but I hope that since they have cleaned the velodrome up someone will take over and restore the velodrome back to a point where track bikes can once again race on it.  Don't get me wrong, I think that it is great that the track is cleared up, but I think that having a place where the "45-year-old guys" can ride will help the kids more than just giving them a place to spend an afternoon. I think that the kids would be better served by having an organized sport to participate in, and a place where they can learn about track racing, than just having a new hangout spot. 

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