27 August 2010

Tour of Utah 2010 - Stage 5 pictures

Funny.  This is my post about stage 5 of the Tour of Utah, and it is my 555th post.

Anyways...  I already posted the stage and final results, so on to the pictures. 

a little pre-race prep

putting on the final touches at the finish line.  Notice the wet ground, and the ominous clouds in the next picture?

about an 1 1/2 to 2 hours before the riders showed up, there was 5 minutes of pouring rain and hail.  Fortunately it cleared up and went away before they arrived.

Jai Crawford taking the stage win, with Levi right on his wheel.

Burke Swindlehurst finishing what may be his last race as a pro.  I think the bowed head some of the riders had as they crossed the finish line speaks volumes of how difficult this stage was.

Great tribute on Levi's bike for Terry McGinnis, the former Exec. Director of the Tour of Utah who passed away from cancer last October.

the Tour de France may have Didi Senft, the Devil, but we have our own. 

I can't wait till 2011. People are thinking that there may be some problems for 2011 with the Quiznos Pro Challenge in Colorado scheduled for the week after the Tour of Utah.  Hopefully that won't be the case.

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