10 November 2010

Draper Velopark Master Plan Approval

This is from the Salt Lake Velodrome website:

All I can say is SWEET!!!  This from the drawing of the master plan, this is going to be a "one-stop shopping" style of park. Velodrome, Criterium track, mountain bike area complete with pump track, skills course, and trails.  The best thing is that Draper is more centrally located. I can't wait!

The Draper City Council approved the Draper Velopark Master Plan last night. The Park is to be located near Corner Canyon just west of the Ballard Equestrian Center where there is currently a convergence of bicycle activity with mountain biking, road biking, and cyclocross. The Park will include a velodrome, criterium course, in-line skating, cyclocross, mountain bike zone, climbing wall, kid's park, and new trails. We are very excited to have the support of Draper City for this project and look forward to working towards construction.

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