15 November 2010

Wanted: Motivation

You may have noticed the scarcity of posts recently. Well, there is a good (not really) reason for this.

I have a serious lack of motivation right now.

This always seems to happen to me in late fall/early winter. It's too wet, dark, cold (yeah, I know. Wuss!) to ride outside before or after work, and I haven't gotten around to setting up the BTC (bicycle torture chamber) downstairs yet. Taking 3 weeks off in early fall with a foot encased in a walking boot didn't help either.

The other problem I have is Newton's first law of motion: A body at rest will remain at rest, until acted upon by an outside force. My body is a firm believer in law, particularly that one.

What I need is that outside force. I need something to motivate me to get moving this winter.

Here's where you, dear reader, come in. I am looking for suggestions to help me get my sorry butt off of the couch and get motivated this winter. I am looking for you to be my outside force.

To help make this interesting, I think I still have something left over from the Outdoor Retailer show that I can give to whomever provides the best motivation. Just leave a comment on this post with your suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Cyclefilm said...

What do you think of this? http://vimeo.com/16775571 Will that get you motivated to ride? :)

Loving the Bike said...

I'm sure that winning one of those Madsen bikes will kick up your motivation. It'll it come man. I know it's tougher in the fall to get it all going, so I hope it all comes together soon. I'll be watching for it.


KJae said...

My only suggestion is for you to get it together in the abbreviation department. BCT would in fact be "bicycle chamber torture." Just sayin'.

Kendall said...

corrected the abbreviation. Thanks, Hon.