21 January 2011

GU Roctane - New Flavor

GU is coming out with a new flavor that will debut this summer, and they are letting the attendees of the Outdoor Retailer show vote on which flavor will be released.

This time around, the flavor will be chocolate based - I certainly don't have a problem with that! It will more than likely be caffeinated, as it is actually more difficult to produce a caffeine-free chocolate gel.

The choices are: Chocolate-Banana, Chocolate-Orange, Chocolate-Raspberry, and Chocolate.

My personal favorite was the Chocolate-Banana, with the Chocolate-Orange a close second - all of them were very good!

I was told that we can expect to see the new flavor sometime in July. Go to www.GUenergy.com to see their full line of gels and Chomps.
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