21 January 2011

Outdoor Retailer: Bison Designs Survival Bracelet

This is something I saw yesterday when I came to the Outdoor Retailer show that I wanted to talk about.

Something like this would be very handy for mountain biking or trail running, where you might find yourself off of the beaten path.

It looks like a standard woven bracelet that many of us wear on a regular basis, but this one is made of 10' of 550 para-cord. The 550 means that the cord is rated at 550 pounds. If you are injured, or have a mechanical, you can unravel the cord and use it to fashion a splint or do a quick trailside repair to help you get back to civilization.

They retail for around $10. More information can be found at Bison Designs www.bisondesigns.com
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Jake Spurlock said...

Check out local (Saratoga Springs) made Epic Adventure Gear.

Kendall said...

@Jake, thanks for the info! I wasn't aware that a local company was making anything like this. The link to their site - in case anyone is interested - is http://epicadventuregear.com/