08 February 2011


This is a cry for help. Well, maybe more of a whimper.

Last April, I was looking for a frame to build a fixed-gear bicycle out of on eBay. Instead, I found a frame that would become my new (to me) road bike. A bike of unknown make (it had a Chris King headset - alone worth more than what I paid for the frame), that had been powdercoated pink at some point in its history. The seller said that it was a Specialized Allez Pro frame from the mid to late 90's.

Frame purchased, and components swapped over, my new road bike sprang to life.

After some time, I noticed that the replacable derailleur hanger had become slightly bent. As I took the wheel and the derailleur off to examine the problem closer, I noticed another, slightly bigger problem... the screws that held the hanger to the frame had stripped out the holes on the hanger.

Not that big of a problem, I thought. I'll just pop on over to my local bike shop and purchase a new derailleur hanger.

They couldn't find a match for it in their databases.

They couldn't find a match for it in anyone's databases.

The small problem all of a sudden became slightly bigger.

There are a couple that look similar to it, but they don't match exactly. I have checked online, with Specialized, and everywhere that I can think, all with the same results: No match.

My derailleur hanger isn't broken, so everything is fine - for the time being. And, as long as the rear wheel is on the bike, the hanger stays put. But, I am concerned that there could be a problem in the future.

Here are some pictures of the derailleur hanger and the rear dropout. I am hoping you, my dear readers, can help me find this part.

Here's what I do (don't) know:
  • aluminum frame
  • 1" headset
  • "supposed" to be a Specialized Allez Pro
  • mid/late 90's
  • no identifying marks/serial numbers that I can see on the frame.
I know this is a tall order, any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you think you know what I have, and need additional pictures or information, I can provide whatever you need.


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Mom said...

Glad to see you got some good information and help from your Twitter friends. Hope it works out and you can get your bike fixed.