02 February 2011

Rant of the Day

I will apologize in advance for this rant.

Most days, I go down to the sub-basement-dungeon below the parking garage at my office to the so-called "fitness center" during my breaks to escape - however briefly - from the hell called work.

Most of the time - I would say about 85-90% of the time - I am completely alone when I go down there. I prefer it that way. I don't turn on any music, instead I use the time to think. It's rather nice. I enjoy the silence.

The rest of the time, someone else is down there. More often that not, they have the radio blaring away. On those days, I will try my best to ignore the music - and the people down there.

On rare occasions, someone will come in while I am already there.

Here's where the rant comes in.

Without fail, they will walk over to the radio and turn it on. That is what happened today. Three ladies came in while I was doing some sit-ups and immediately turned on the radio. I think that is extremely rude! It would be like me walking in on them, and either turning it off, or changing the station/CD because I don't like what they are listening to.

They see me in there, and they hear that there is no music playing. They have to possess the mental capacity to put 1+1 together and come up with the logical answer that the person currently occupying the space would rather not have music on at the moment. It ticks me off to no end, and completely ruins my mood. It shows a complete lack of respect for other people, and their personal space. Are you so wrapped up in your own little personal problems that you fail to use any common courtesy, or is it that you just don't care.

What the hell!?!

It would be different if they asked me if I minded that they wanted to turn on the radio - I would of course tell them to go ahead - but not once has anyone asked me that question.

Am I in the wrong? Please comment and let me know if you agree with me or not that it's completely rude and insensitive for someone to come in and turn on the radio without first asking the person in there if they mind.


KJae said...

Hmmmmm. Bad mood much??

I would say that since there is a radio in there, they assume that they can just use it.

However, I think it is INCREDIBLY rude to not ask the quiet person if he minds. I would at least have the courtesy to do that much. But let's be serious, I wouldn't be in the "work-out-zone" to begin with so no one will ever know how nice I really am.

What's wrong with an ipod or something if they really want music?? Who doesn't have something like that at this point in life?

Zach said...

Oooh, I got a "topper" story.

In our fitness center, it's often too warm, so I'll turn on a nice floor fan that's in there and aim it at me when I'm on the treadmill or our nice indoor bike (cycleops 300PT. Awesome). And without fail, there's this one guy that will never turn a fan on to save his life, but if one's on, when he's done with his workout or even just pausing between steps, he'll come and stand right in front of the fan to cool off, completely blocking any air circulation towards me and my sweatiness, and he'll stand there for like a minute. Completely annoys me. :) Oh, and he'll switch the TV to CNBC and crank up the volume too. Also ticks me off.