11 February 2011

Thank You!

I have to say that you all are AWESOME!

3 days ago, I posted asking for help finding a seemingly impossible-to-find part for my bicycle.

My post was read, commented on, tweeted about, retweeted and forwarded to others. On the 9th, I was contacted via twitter by a local bicycle shop saying that they don't have the derailleur hanger in stock, but they could order it.

Whu?!? A part that other shops, one of the largest online suppliers of such parts, and Specialized themselves (via twitter) couldn't identify was found by a shop just a few miles from my house.

I guess my unknown frame is circa 1994, and it is a Specialized.  The eBay listing was correct.

Thank you to everyone who helped in tracking down this part, by either commenting with your suggestions, retweeting, or forwarding this on. And, A huge thank you to Timpanogos Cyclery for identifying it, ordering it, and having it for me just 2 days later - all through twitter! In fact, when I walked into their shop to pick it up, they identified me as "the guy looking for the part through twitter".

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