08 April 2011

To ride or not to ride? There is no question!

This is the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Tomorrow also happens to be the inaugural running of the FrontRunner Century, a nice little 62 mile jaunt from Salt Lake City to Ogden, with a return ride on the Frontrunner commuter train.

I’ve been looking forward to the ride for a couple of months now. I even convinced a friend to ride with me – this will be his first metric century.

Then Mother Nature decided that she wasn’t going away quietly.

There are two options available: not riding or riding.

I could choose to not ride, and get a couple hours more sleep in my nice warm bed before I pack the wife and kids into the minivan and head for Northern California (weather reports for there aren’t much better, bummer!). Normally that is the route that I would be inclined to take.

But not this time.

I am looking at tomorrow as a way to give Mother Nature the middle finger. To let her know that I am riding tomorrow regardless of what she throws our way. That I am going to have a fun ride just to spite her. I have all of my cold weather gear laid out for tomorrow, Layers, layers, and more layers.

Come on, BRING IT!

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