12 November 2011


Yesterday, my daughter came home with some waxing strips. Her and her best friend wanted to try waxing their legs, as neither of them had tried it before. 

Of course I had to try it too. 

I only used one strip - that's all they would give me. And, really that was enough. It hurt. I didn't yell, but boy, did it hurt! I did it on the front of my shin. I can only imagine what it would feel like on a more tender spot, like the back of my calf or thigh. 

I think I'll stick with shaving. 


Ara said...

Kudos to you for even doing it. I don't know too many men that would do it. :)

Kelly Hill said...

OMG. Are you serious? I leave you alone for a few freaking days and you turn into a full fledged GIRL?? Knock it off, sicko! Geeez.