11 November 2011

T-Shirt of the Day

This post started with a tweet by Tory Belleci from MythBusters, in which he was wearing a “hipster zombie” tee.

Inquiring on where he got that shirt lead me to Dark Cycle Clothing.

Dark Cycle Clothing is a husband and wife team out of Tampa Florida. Most of the designs were thought up during Adam’s 17 mile bike commute to work.

Out of their numerous designs, my favorites have to be the giraffe on the tall bike, and the octopus. Here’s a small sampling of their catalog…

As I was walking around downtown SLC at lunch today, I saw one of their shirts in the window of a boutique clothing shop. Awesomeness!

More information can be found at http://www.darkcycleclothing.com/ and twitter.com/darkcycling.

1 comment:

Todd said...

Nice designs! Here is my favorite shirt site: www.govelowear.com
....Shameless self-promotion from your neighbors in Boise!