31 July 2014

Rant of the Day

After a morning commute filled with altogether too many close passes, horns honking because I was “in somebody’s way”, and near cutoffs (seriously, what is it with this morning? Is it a “Thursday” thing?) I have come up with a brilliant and simple solution.

It should be mandatory that every year, to keep your driver’s license, you need to ride a bicycle for at least a mile (maybe more like five miles, just to make it interesting) on moderately busy roads (shared lanes, bike lanes, left and right hand turns to be included in the route), just so you know what it feels like to be the one out there exposed while 5000 lb cars pass within inches of your shoulder.
When I’m elected Emperor for Life over all the Known Universe, that will be the first law I pass down.

Mini-rant over. You may go back to your regularly scheduled day.

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