19 August 2014

A Positive Response from the City

Salt Lake City has been making serious strides to become a more bicycle-friendly city over the past few years. One of those steps has been to install protected cycle lanes on some of the lower-traffic streets.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to deal with the protected cycle tracks and it is not uncommon to find a car parked up against the curb where they are normally supposed to park.

I was, however surprised the other day to find a city utility vehicle and trailer saddled up between the curb and the row of parked cars, right in the middle of the bike lane.

The truck was vacant, and I couldn't see any city workers anywhere in the immediate vicinity. Not finding anyone to complain to, I snapped a few pictures, and proceeded to post them to the various social media outlets for a little public shaming.

A city utility vehicle parked smack dab in the middle of the protected bike lane.

Unfortunately, the internet is anything but subtle. Along with the suggestions to smash windows and slash tires, was the more subtle and reasonable suggestion to send the picture to their supervisor, which I did.

Not expecting any sort of response - remembering my last bicycle-involved interaction with the SLC Police dept. - I was pleasantly surprised to find the following email in my inbox this morning:

Subject: RE: Utility truck parked in the bike lane

Good morning, Ms. Hill, (I didn't specify Mr, or Mrs. and I know several women named Kendall. An honest mistake)

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention, we apologize for the inconvenience. We have followed up with the Parks and Public Lands Department regarding this and the reason why the truck was left unattended was the employee mows Taufer Park, Liberty Senior Center, and Beldon Park which are all in close proximity. The employee leaves his truck and trailer at Taufer Park, and drives his mower to the other sites. The employee has been instructed in the future to not park in the bike lane or at Taufer Park.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Cxxxxxx Oxxxxxxx
Customer Service Liaison and Special Projects Coordinator


TEL   xxx-xxx-xxxx


Small victories are still victories.

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