06 September 2016

Product Review - Swrve Jeans

As a commuter, I feel that the best articles of clothing are ones that provide functionality and comfort on the bike, but don't elicit stares at work or other functions where Lycra shorts would not be the most practical choice.

Swrve sent me a pair of jeans for review earlier this year, and finally the temperature dropped low enough that riding in jeans wouldn't cause heatstroke. 

Swrve makes their jeans using  CORDURA® denim to give them some serious durability and stretch while maintaining a comfortable feel against the skin. Other cycling friendly features include a gusseted crotch, low front waist to avoid digging into your stomach, and a high back so everybody doesn't see that tramp stamp you got back in the 90's on a drunken dare they also have a reflective strip on the inside of the legs (both legs on the slim fit, right leg only on the skinny and  regular jeans) that is exposed when you roll up the cuff. The back pockets are large enough to fit a mini u-lock, and feature an accessory pocket as well. 

How do they fit? Swrve sent me a pair of the slim fit jeans. I normally stay away from anything labeled "skinny" or "slim" because of the way they strangle my thighs, The Swrve jeans, however, were very comfortable. Another problem I have encountered with CORDURA® denim is the back pockets tend to be saggy when you put your wallet there, to the point that it feels like it will fall out when riding. The rear pockets on the Swrve jeans are deep, and they snugly held my wallet without fear of it falling out on the road. The slim jeans also did not have articulated knees (the skinny and regular fit jeans do), but the stretch of the fabric did not restrict movement. 

If you don't like looking like you are out on a training ride every time you swing your leg over the top tube, and want a pair of jeans that work for the commute and look stylish enough for a night out on the town with the wife or significant other, Swrve has you covered. 

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