11 November 2016

Product Review: Elevenpine Crankitup Shorts and Liberator Liner

Ah, fall. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, and the layers are getting... layered?

Perfect time to talk about shorts.

Since commuting has become my almost exclusive venue for riding, I haven't donned the stretchy pants in over a year - well, except for those dark days of rehab where I was stuck in the basement on my trainer. My commute is only 10 miles each way, and for such a short distance, I don't see the need or logic in kitting up in full Lycra.

Still, having some functionality in my clothing choices is desireable.

In my search for cycling-related products at Outdoor Retailer this past August, I stumbled upon the guys at Elevenpine, they offered some shorts that blurred the line between functionality and practicality.

Their Crankitup shorts offer a casual, relaxed appearance that doesn't look out of place off the bike at the office - well, at least my office. I am fortunate to have a day job where shorts and t-shirts are considered acceptable office attire - or meeting friends.

When you are ready to ride, the zipper on the legs convert the shorts into a more form-fitting cycling short.

This of course has the benefit of reducing excess material from flapping in the wind, but it also more securely holds your belongings in the two deep front pockets (one of them is zippered for more security). It also makes them more comfortable while on the saddle. When you arrive at your location, simply unzip the legs and you are back to wearing a casual pair of shorts. 

The Crankitup shorts feature the afore mentioned front pockets to hold your belongings, they also have belt loops to further the casual appearance of the shorts.

For rides where you feel that some additional padding would be needed, Elevenpine also offers the Liberator liner. The liner has a lightweight pad, and ventilated panels on the sides of the liner and works well under their shorts. As my commute is short,  I usually save padded shorts for longer rides. I did use the liner while I was down in Vegas for the Interbike Outdoor Demo, and was appreciative of the comfort and padding. 

The Crankitup shorts retail for $99, and the Liberator liner goes for $69.

More information can be found at www.elevenpine.com

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