11 May 2012

Food Friday: Clif Bar - Gary's Panforte

Clif Bar turns 20 this month.

To celebrate that milestone, they are releasing a special limited-edition signature bar, Gary's Panforte. It is based on an 800 year old Italian recipe and inspired by Gary's earliest cycling adventres over Italy's Passo di Gavia.

Like almost all of Clif Bar's offerings, the bar is chok-full of organic fruits and nuts. It is also free of animal products (vegan friendly!).

How does it taste? Really good! I had no idea what panforte is, or what it is supposed to taste like. It tastes like a cross between gingerbread and fruitcake.  A deep, rich flavor. It is definitely up there with my favorite Clif flavors.

It will be available for a limited time starting this month.

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