13 July 2012

Spread the Bike Love with @ClifBar

Clif Bar wants to share the love, and say "great job" those of you who commute by bike to work, school, wherever!

Follow @ClifBar on Twitter, tweet a picture of your bike commute, and you  can win a care package from Clif Bar just like this one!

What is in this package? Well, you get 4 Clif Bars, a cool baseball cap, a couple of tire levers, and a shower cap.

Just kidding, it is actually a saddle cover so you don't have to ride home with a wet bum if you must park your bike out in the elements.

I guess it is a shower cap, after all...

Hurry! Supplies are limited, so tweet those pictures of your commute to @ClifBar!

Pictures from my commute.

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