03 August 2012

Outdoor Retailer '12 - Open Air Demo

If it's the first week in August, it must be Outdoor Retailer Summer Market time.

I once again ventured up to Jordanelle reservoir for the Open Air demo.

Click on the stand-up paddleboarder to the left to see a bigger picture.

The main reason I went up there again, was they were holding the Paddle/Pedal challenge, and I had to defend my mediocre time from last year. Plus, it was that much fun. 

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any pictures from the stand-up paddleboard part of the challenge, and that is unfortunate. Unlike last year, where I managed to stay upright the entire time, I wasn't as fortunate this year. I fell, not once, not twice, but three times - with the last one resulting in me falling off the back of the board, and sending it across the water about 50 feet away from me. I had to swim to it, fully clothed (note to self, wear a swimsuit next year) dragging the oar with me. Good times!
They didn't write down my times, but as the card says, I'm a CHAMP!
I redeemed my card for a Pro-Tec travel massage roller. 

The only bike manufacturer up there this year was Rocky Mountain, so I took one of their mountain bikes out on the bike course.  I didn't get too much time to appreciate the bike, what with it only being a 2.5 mile course, but I certainly wouldn't pass up a chance to take it for a longer ride.

Now for more of what I saw up there on Wednesday:

Columbia had an ice cream bicycle to promote their new OmniFreeze Zero technology. It is amazing (the OmniFreeze Zero, not the ice cream) I need to get more information about it!

Last week, as I was commuting to work, I saw someone in the park riding one of these, it was one of those WTH? moments. Then, I saw it up here, still thinking WTH?

A couple of fancied up cruiser bikes. 

Kahuna Creations land boards. Much less chance of drowning than on a SUP. Still a lot of fun, and a good workout!

A cross between a Terminator Endoskeleton and Johnny 5 from "Short Circuit"?

Nice Surly Moonlander! This bike is actually being prepped for a self-supported trip to the South Pole. Sorry, I didn't get the name of the person who is attempting it. 

Yeah, umm. No. Sorry, no review here on how the ElliptiGo rides (or runs?) I looked at it, but couldn't bring myself to try it. 
Music is a big part of the Outdoor Retailer Show. Many vendors will bring in acts to perform for the attendees.  I've never heard of Billy Currington, but I'm not that much of a country fan.

More to come from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012.

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Loving the Bike said...

Nice review of a cool event. Sounds like a great one to take part in. Hey, congratulations on being the Paddle/Pedal champ.....too bad they couldn't give you a Surly Moonlander for winning. Man, I would love one of those.