16 August 2010

My First Contest: Element Bars

Back in the end of July, I did a Food Friday review of Element Bars.  At that time, I promised that there was a surprise coming in the next post.  Well, that post was delayed for a few weeks because I wasn't able to coordinate with Tom of Element Bars to work out our surprise because he was off on his honeymoon.  Congratulations to Tom on his marriage!

I will announce the surprise at the end of this post.  (If you don't have the patience to wait till the end of the post to find out what the surprise is, I'll give you a hint:  There is a clue to the surprise in the title of the post)

But first.  I fed my highly trained test panel the three varieties of Element Endurance bars that Tom sent me to get their reaction.  The three bars were Blueberry Blast, Cherry Charge, and Cranberry Crunch.  Here are the results:

Wife: Favorite- Cherry Charge, liked the crispy base.         

KJ(15): Favorite - Blueberry Blast, liked the peanut butter core and texture.            

J(12): Favorite - Cherry Charge, liked the cherries

HJ(7): Favorite - Cherry Charge, liked the cherries
The Cherry Charge was clearly the most popular of the three bars. 

Remember, that the great thing about Element Bars - aside from the fact that everything it's all natural - is that you can design your own bars.  Not crazy about blueberries? Don't put them in your bars.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Element Bars has two different varieties.  The original bars, and their Element Endurance bars which are targeted at endurance athletes.  The Endurance bars contain higher amounts of protein to help with your active endurance lifestyle. (note: the protein is whey protein and therefore not vegan friendly, the original bars contain no whey protein - unless you add it - and can be created completely vegan)

So, here's the surprise. My first contest!  One of you, my dear readers, will be able to win your own box of twelve Element Bars that you can design yourself! 

Here's how it will work:
  1. Go to http://www.elementbars.com/ and take a look at their custom bar design process. 
  2. Or, go to http://www.elementendurance.com/ if you are interested in their endurance bars.
  3. Come back here, and leave a comment on this post telling me what you would put in your very own bar.
  4. This is the important part - In your comment about what you would put in your bar, name your bar.  Be clever, be witty, be cool, this is what will win you the prize.  My highly trained test panel (which is also a pretty good judge of contests) will help select the most creative bar name, and that person will win a box of their very own creation.  You can choose either the original bars, or the Element Endurance bars for your box.  
  5. The contest will run till the end of August with the winner announced on Friday, September 3rd.
To give you an idea, this would be my entry (if I was eligible for the contest): 
Pure Awesomeness
  • Datey core
  • Soy protein
  • Apricots
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Pumpkin Spice
Thanks to Tom and Element Bars for allowing me to give away a box of their great bars.  Go check them out at www.elementbars.com/ and http://www.elementendurance.com/.  While you are coming up with your creation for the contest go ahead and order a box for yourself.

Good luck! I can't wait to see what names you come up with.


Dan said...

Promega Chocolate Nut Bar

Chewy Core (peanut butter base)
wheyProtein (4 grams)

Cari said...

My bar is called Cari's Cherry... ya, don't go there. :)

Almond Butter

4 grams of extra Soy Protein


Omega-3 Boost

Agave Syrup

Pumpkin Seeds

formulatingfoodie said...

Chew Through Fall

School is starting back up and this combination sounds like the perfect flavors to satisfy my taste buds, leaving my brain free to concentrate.

Chewy Core (almond butter)
Pumpkin Spice
3g of soy protein

akwindmills said...

This is a cool find! i will have to try this out - here's what I would try in the "Windmills Bar"

Crispy Almond Butter Core
2+ grams soy protein
Flax Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds

This is one of my favorite combo's for cereal - so should make a great bar. I will use this for 'real food' on longer races to supplement gels and drinks.

alexandra said...

This is great! My bar would be called "The Last Leg". Add a datey core to avoid the fullness factor. Pairs with apricots for that last rush of sugar and some pumpkin seeds for a solid dose of amino acids. Finish with immunity boost to avoid the post race cold

Amber said...

"The Ruby Bar" - named after my bike and the red fruits selected

Oaty core
2 extra grams of Whey Protein

Janice said...

CRAMberry bar (cranberry based bar crammed full of delicious and healthy ingredients)

pro chewy core
flax seeds
immunity boost