31 January 2011

More about "The Wheel"

My mom commented on last Friday's post, saying that she believed that the steering wheel was a custom addition by my dad's uncle from a junkyard car. I do believe that he tinkered with the bike, but I don't believe that the steering wheel was a custom addition. The image from the catalog wasn't that easy to see, but a quick google search found these two pictures:

I don't believe the wheelie bar behind the rear wheel is stock, but I bet it was fun!

If you look at the frame from the orignal picture, the frame and color, as well as the chainring design is the same as the two bikes pictured above. My bike is missing several things from the stock version, such as the sissy bar, chainguard, and the 3-speed shift lever that was common on muscle bikes from that era, but the steering wheel is original. 

Like I said Friday, I need to restore this bike back to stock. I think my kids would have as much fun riding it around the neighborhood as I did when I was a kid.

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